Standing Out Among Metal Roofing Companies in Altoona, PA – Solarshield

Metal Roofing Companies Altoona PA

Of the metal roofing companies in the Altoona, Pennsylvania, area, Solarshield clearly stands out as one of the best. We offer some of the most durable metal roofing products available on the market, our installers are well-trained and experienced, and we can create a metal roofing solution that works with almost any budget.

At Solarshield, we pride ourselves on the durability and performance of our roofing products. When you choose us over other roofing companies, you will enjoy that our metal roofing products are:

  • Constructed from hot-dipped, 28-gauge, galvanized steel that can withstand long-term exposure to the fluctuating weather in the Altoona, PA, region
  • Coated with a maintenance-free finish that won’t fade over time and will look great for decades without having to be repainted
  • Able to reflect heat from the sun, making it easier for your HVAC unit to maintain the internal temperature of your home, thus resulting in potential savings on your power bill
  • Installed by highly trained professionals who use proper methods to prevent leaks and maintain structural integrity

Customers who choose Solarshield can take advantage of premium services such as free consultations and price quotes. And unlike some other fly-by-night metal roofing companies, we offer material and labor warranties on all of our metal roofing products for your peace of mind. What’s more, we offer a range of financing options to qualified buyers, to help make your new metal roof a reality.

To find out more about how we stand out from other metal roofing companies in the Altoona, PA, region, contact Solarshield today.