Tub to Shower Conversions for Homeowners in Central Pennsylvania Communities


Tub to ShowerConverting your tub to a shower can provide numerous benefits. Imagine a simpler, more relaxing bathing experience and a shower that needs to be cleaned less often. It sounds like a dream, but with the help of Solarshield, it can be a reality. No matter the size, shape, or age of your bathtub, the professional team at Solarshield can work with you to transform it into a beautiful and fully functional shower.

A tub to shower conversion can help to:

  • Make the bathing process easier because you won’t have to step over the lip of the tub and can stay standing up or sit down on a bench seat instead of having to lay down in a tub
  • Simplify the cleaning process thanks to the infusion of Silver Shield® anti-microbial technology and MilGuard™ mold and mildew protection in our products
  • Upgrade the overlook look of your entire bathroom

If you aren’t looking to convert any other tubs to showers in your home, but would still like to give them a bit of a facelift, Solarshield is here to help. We offer acrylic shower and tub liner options that can instantly revive the overall appearance of your bathroom and provide a spectacular look that will last the test of time. In fact, our liners are guaranteed to never chip, crack, fade, or peel, so you can trust that what we install is nothing but the finest quality available.

If you would like to find out more about tub to shower conversions and all the other bathroom remodeling services available from Solarshield, please contact us today to arrange a design consultation. We’re proud to offer our bathroom renovations services throughout Altoona, Johnstown, State College and communities in Central Pennsylvania.