Why Basements

A Revolutionary New Approach – The Bottom Line for your Family

Designer Beauty
Your basement should be just as attractive as the rest of your home. Express your inner designer with pre-finished mix-and-match
décor. Choose from a beautiful selection of colors and patterns.

Conventional Solid-Wall Appearance
Our solid panels look like your walls upstairs and connect so beautifully we challenge you to find the seams!

Energy-Saving Comfort
With our 100% thermal insulator core, get superior energy-saving performance with material recommended specifically for basements. Block incoming cold air and keep conditioned room air from escaping.

Basement-Specific Materials
Protect your family’s health, comfort and your investment. Our exclusive HealthSmart panels resist moisture, mold, allergens and odors.

Design Flexibility
Our solid structural panels let you define your space. Remodel just exterior walls or add partition walls to create separate rooms, an extra kitchen or a bathroom. And, go ahead and hang those pictures, shelves and more!

Conveniently Removable
If you ever need to get to your foundation wall, no problem. Our panels are fully removable.

Fast & Clean Installation
Don’t wait weeks to start using your new space. Designer Basements install in just days! All with little or no disruption of your time or schedule.

Family Affordable
Designed with growing families in mind. Compare to conventional construction materials or other finish methods. Yes you can add more space that looks great, saves energy costs and gives your family great flexibility for everyday use.

Solarshield proudly serves the following counties and all inclusive communities in Central Pennsylvania: Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Fulton, Huntingdon, Indiana, Mifflin, Somerset, and Westmoreland County.